Company Store Benefits

Think of a Company Store as an online ordering efficiency tool. Because it’s an online platform, it helps businesses place orders more easily, while controlling spending, managing their brand and supporting a variety of programs.



Company Stores are created to make the purchasing of promotional products more efficient, especially when you have employees who order from multiple geographic locations. We can set up your store to use features that meet your requests and facilitate the most efficient shopping experience possible.


An online store is a great place to control or manage your company brand.  We understand the importance of your brand and that the integrity of your logo must be maintained. We set up your store to ensure each product has the correct size and placement of your logo.




An online store provides you with a centralized, approved area for placing orders. When each departments’ promotional products are purchased through an online store, you have the control to approve or decline each order. We can also create a store with department budgets and account balances – which can be an essential component to managing spending.


Do you have a Safety Program, Uniform Program, or Reward program? We love helping our clients develop stores that support these programs. Through features such as custom payment methods, gift certificates and coupons – top performing employees can easily be rewarded through your Company Store.




Take the guessing game out of ordering your promotional items and employee apparel. We offer a wide variety of reports that can be sent to you at anytime. Reports provide you with vital insights on the health of your Company Store. You can gather information on activities occurring in your store to pinpoint top sellers, inventory trends, monthly sales, and more.

We are experts when it comes to building and maintaining online company stores.

Let us show you how a company store would serve you and your business!